Benefits of Bay Window Storage

Benefits of Bay Window Storage

Not a surprise that many house has the bay windows, especially typical country house, Brunswick beach house, and the lake house. The bay window gives a nice space for sitting and reading your favorite book, or just watching the rain while having chamomile tea in your hands. Not only that, but bay window can be very useful if you put storage under the seating. Bay window storage can maximize the space under the cushion for storing some stuff like magazine, blanket, or more cushions. But, how is the way to decorate the combination for this functional bay window?

Minimizing your room with bay window storage seat

Bay window storage seat is designed in the extra 135 degrees outside the window line. The great thing about having the bay window is that you can benefit extra room for storing things just under the seat. Some DYI website could help you on how to make the window storage seat, but basically you can simple tell to your constructor to add a bay window if you really want to. Now that bay window storage is not difficult to make, you can make your own and fit to your window width. It helps you if you have minimalist style of the room. Settling more mounted or floating drawers wouldn’t be nice to look at, so the bay window storage solution is what you need.

Not only the cushion and the drawer for the bay window, but the curtain is also one of the important parts from this bay window. Here are some bay window curtain ideas that you can use. The most common used of curtain is pastel color or the white washed one. These colors fit very well with the idea of beach house or Lake House. But you may not stick on this colors only, try to explore more and add warm color like maroon or chocolate. The material may vary from linen to velvet, but for the ease of laundering and drying, linen is still on the top list. The decoration for the bay window is not only on the curtain but if you have tiny bonsai tree you can put there for a little accent for the window.

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Apart from this little information about bay window storage, you can dig deeper about what you can create or maximize by your spaces at home without trying too hard. Don’t forget to enjoy the fun of trying to mix and match the curtain and other decoration around the bay window.

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