High Ceiling Lighting and Decoration Ideas

High Ceiling Lighting and Decoration Ideas

Having a high ceiling in your house requires big time attention and also time to find the way to decorate. Not many people fancy this high ceiling but some others find it very interesting. What are the benefits of having the high ceiling? First of all, having the high ceiling will allow more fresh air to come and fill your room. High ceiling is normally places in the living room, common room, and kitchen. Second, the high ceiling allows more natural light to come and brighten up the room without using too much lamp bulb or LED one. Save the earth! Third, having the high ceiling give you more challenges to decorate and fill the “blank” space. Now we will talk about the third point which is how to fill the blank space with the high ceiling lightning and curtain.

Modern Ceiling Light for Living Room

High ceiling room appears across the eras and even now in the contemporary house. The high ceiling as we said mostly built in the living room and the common room. Now that we are given the modern style to put, what kind of lighting for modern room high ceiling suits the best? For example to add minimalist and sleek looks, try to use the high ceiling chandeliers with separated lamp bulbs. Modern ceiling light should blend perfectly with the rest of the room decoration. If your room is rather glamorous with a little touch of Victorian era, then the big integrated chandelier is the answer for your problem. The solution will be different for the industrial style, or the forest house.

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The glass ceiling pendant can also become the answer for the specific room like kitchen, or the dining room. Ceiling pendant has numerous options of style and color according to your preferences and the need of the room. Some shows more elegance with slim fit and flare pendant, while some other show a little modern looks with the rounded glass pendant. Less complicated because you will have numerous options to look at and suit the best to your high ceiling room.

High ceiling room indeed needs more attention and ability to decorate. Some way to decorate the high ceiling is by adding painting, murals, curtain, and lighting. The more you become creative about the high ceiling and high wall, the greater looks of your room. But don’t be over creative on your room. The main point is to leave it as it be but a little additional touch wouldn’t harm, just like high ceiling lighting.

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