Industrial Interior Design Mix to Modern

Industrial Interior Design Mix to Modern

For the recent years, modern design of the room and high end condo has shift a bit into the rather masculine field which is the industrial design. The high number of demand for condo and flat forces the owner of some industrial building to maximize the use of the building into something more valuable and worth the number of investment. Talking about the industrial interior design, there are many trick and DIY that you can try to give the accentuation of your room, or house into more factory style.

Industrial interior design living room ideas

Even though the industrial condo looks rather like unfinished studio and still with some wires here and there, but the spacing and decoration can turn it into comfortable living place. In the industrial interior design living room you can think first about the height of the roof and the wall. It is great to have the wall showing bricks with clean surface; rusty old bricks cause too much dust. Try to get the stairs, lamp bulb, and the table is made from clearly reused industrial furniture to points out the décor. Industrial style furniture can be seen by the small detail in the room from lamp, lamp hat, floor, some paintings on the wall and many more. Do not feel afraid to try something new.

After the living room we can move to the industrial style bedroom furniture. Living room is important to welcome your guests, but bedroom is rather private and you can show your true color. For those taking industrial, try to get some painting just like number of “storage room” peeled off to your door and many more. Try to avoid using furniture that is too sleek and modern because it will not fit perfectly with the rusty iron looks. And learn to explore and pick the best material from the smallest to the detail, the whole condo can be very interesting if you try.

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For your bedroom it is important to pick the normal monochromic color or one or two tone in your room. Too festive will make your room losing the identity, you may be in industrial interior design but the bedroom is total Brunswick, for instance. So better prepare well and read as much reference as possible before you decide the condo materials, and furniture to go along with it. The mechanical details like on lamp cap, small cushion feet design and many more.

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