Purple Bedroom Ideas for Modern Style

Purple Bedroom Ideas for Modern Style

The color of bedroom plays big part in making up the comfort. Great color that you pick for bedroom will make you feel more comfortable to stay in your bedroom. Many of us spend most of the time in the bedroom after long day of activities. What is a solace if you don’t even enjoy the nuance in your own room? Purple is well known for making comfortable room. Now we will see some purple bedroom ideas for modern style.

Color Schemes for Bedroom in Purple

Decorating the room in purple can be either fun or frustrating if you miss the color scheme and the purple color combination for bedroom. One of the most important thing is you decide first what is the major furniture and what style do you want for your room before you can decide the hues of color you can use and the color schemes for bedroom that will reach the comfort looks. If you want to have the modern and school girl style of bedroom, and the light purple hues are the best to apply. You need to have enough lights in the room as you also use it as study area, so making too dark color as the partner is not a wise decision.

Purple bedroom color schemes for the modern glamorous style will be great in use of darker purple. The lights of the room can be set under the bed and in the hidden corner of the room to points out the relaxing and sleep mode in the room. You should focus on how to make the room suffice the needs of your activity in the room and how long you spend in the bedroom most of the time.

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Romantic but girly scheme color is exactly what the purple can do with the pink and undertone of purple, put the light purple or undertone lavender on the wall and decorate the headboard with some pallet of colors combining purple, pink, and lavender. Another a little darker can be put on the curtain to avoid lights coming in. Try to get velvet purple curtain for the best romantic touch. A vas with come roses would soften the image of the room. If you want to add the blanket on the bed, consider taking the lighter color on the sheet and darker purple on the blanket. Even though pink can be used, but stay on the purple side more for the purple bedroom ideas.

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