Rustic Lighting Ideas for Your DIY Project

Rustic Lighting Ideas for Your DIY Project

Are you planning to do DIY project to create such rustic lighting? Then, you might need rustic lighting ideas to add any useful inspiration for your next project. Instead of spending your time doing nothing while you need such new items to update your room’s decoration, it will be perfect for you to create rustic lighting that you can use to upgrade your current lighting. You might be able to purchase it on the market, but creating your household item by yourself will be certainly satisfying especially if you can create such great work with the project.

DIY Project Ideas for Rustic Pendant Lighting

Now, let’s see several rustic pendant lighting ideas that you can consider as your next DIY project. The first one is cylindrical wood veneer pendant lights. Like the name suggests, you will need wood veneer to make this pendant lighting. Here you will need paint cans as well to help you creating the wood veneer cylinder. After you make the wood veneer into cylindrical shape, you can simply continue to attach the hardware and your pendant lighting is done. You can add colors to the wood in order to make it prettier.

Then, this next idea will be perfect as rustic kitchen lighting ideas. Similar with the first idea, this second idea also uses wood veneer as the main material. The different is that you will make the wood veneer to circle over the lamp. Begin the project with cut the wood veneer into a strip of veneer. Then, you can start making circle in the size you like the lamp to be. Put this pendant lighting on your kitchen, and you will find it beautifully fit on your interior design. In this case you can put it above your dining table or your kitchen’s island.

Another idea that you can consider is stir stick pendant lamp. It can be your best rustic lighting fixtures for cabins. Here, you will need sticks to make this pendant. Basically, you can make this pendant light without spending any money if you have already had ice sticks or other sticks that you have saved before. This pendant fixture will be covered in stirring sticks and you can use your existing pendant fixture when creating this project. If possible, you can stain or paint the sticks in any color you like to make this rustic lighting ideas being more colorful.

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