Staircase Shelves: Your Best Space-Saving Ideas

Staircase Shelves: Your Best Space-Saving Ideas

There is no doubt that staircase shelves will help us to save room for some items we have in our home. If your home has a staircase that connects different levels of a home, you might need to try this space-saving idea. Instead of leaving the space under the staircase unused, placing mounted shelves under the staircase will be a very good idea. There are so many ideas that you can consider when you want to make the space under your staircase are more useful. Read on this information as follow and find out the best idea that you can perform.

Under Stairs Shelves Ideas for You

When it comes to under stairs shelves, we might find various kinds of shelves with different style and design. It is certainly possible for us to what we want to store on it as well. When you are looking for best ideas for shelves under the staircase, it usually comes in wooden material with cubical shelves to store anything you like. If you want the simple one, this idea can be used. You can simply take wooden open shelves and install it under your staircase. You can use this shelve to save books or other decorative things like sculpture and more.

Moreover, you can also consider other staircase storage ideas like create it into a form of drawers. Instead of choosing open shelves storage, you can consider kind of drawers that will be able to save your things dustless inside the storage. In this case, you can use the drawers to save your blankets, rugs, carpets or other household items that you do not use it at the moment. However, you can also consider combining open shelves and drawers for your storage. It must be great for space-saving and adding style if you finish it beautifully.

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In addition, another idea for shelves in front of stairs here will deal with your hallway. If your stairs is in the hallway, you can consider to use the space under the stairs as place to store your jacket, umbrella or other things that you usually need to use when you are going outside. It will be perfect to make it as a place to hang your jacket or umbrella while using the lowest part to store box that can contain other things you have. Now, you can choose whatever idea you like. That’s all a little information about staircase shelves ideas for you.

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