Tips for Getting Best Dining Room Area Rugs

Tips for Getting Best Dining Room Area Rugs

Finding the best dining room area rugs sometimes quite challenging since there are various kinds of products of it that we can find. Choosing dining room rug which is both stylish and practical is not as easy as clapping your hands actually. You need to get the best one that is able to bring texture, color, style and warmth into your dining room. To make it easier for you to hunt your right dining room rug, read on these tips as follow.

3 Best Tips to Choose Dining Room Carpet

The first thing that you need to do is considering the right size. It is certainly important for you to choose the right dining room area rug size to make it fit on your dining room perfectly. You should remember that a dining room rug should have at least 24” of extra space on each side of your dining table in order to give adequate space for guest to pull the chairs out without tripping over the rug. A wider border is actually ideal for your rug. To make sure that you take the right size, it is necessary for you to measure your dining table first and then add 24” or more on each side.

The second thing that you should do when choosing dining room carpet is considering the materials. It is recommended for you to choose an easy-clean material for your carpet or rug. Commonly, pure natural fibers like wool and cotton are the simplest one to clean at home while kind of synthetic blends are mostly difficult to clean. Then, if you are considering taking natural fiber rug, you need to feel it before you actually purchase it. While cotton and wool are certainly easy to clean natural material, you can also consider the other one such as sisal, sea grass or jute. Choose the one that make you feel the best.

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The third thing that you can do when choosing dining room rug on carpet is considering the shape, pattern and color of the carpet. It is crucial for you to choose the stylish one that can fit on your interior design and scheme. The shape is recommended to match the rug or carpet with your table shape. For instance, round dining table will look great with square or round rugs. Don’t forget to match the pattern and color of your carpet with your interior scheme. Now, you can choose your best dining room area rugs!

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