Unique Table Lamps in Contemporary Design

Unique Table Lamps in Contemporary Design

Lighting in a house or work place is undoubtedly important for everyone. How would we work or do activities if we stuck in darkness? See lights in any form are needed. So be it the form of conventional lamp bulb, the desk lamp, floor lamp, and other kind of lighting. After lighting, decoration is also important at home. Decoration and lamp are both great combination to come up with something wacky and unique like these unique table lamps that we will take about.

Unusual Desk Lamp in Style

Recently the LED light is the most commonly used for lighting as it gives white bright lights. The white lights surely help to read and do activity rather than yellowish one. The unusual desk lamp that we are talking about is the unique and specifically designed. For example the “folded lamp” or also well known as the Butterfly Lamp from Japanese studio Vinta. If we use the lamp to help us to read then this lamp literally take the idea from book, because you can choose to open or close the “page” to add more lights. You can also adjust the brightness and dim.

One lovelier vintage looks from Christine Birkhoven with Good Night Eileen. Take the idea from the hand lamp from old time that you can see in British movie, this tamp looks exactly like a candle on the ceramic little plate. The base of this lamp is also ceramic which allows the charging and LED low usage while now charging. so you can bring this lamp anywhere, and even to be your table lamps for bedroom. Not only the lamp on desk and the mobile lamp, but the unique floor lamps are also available. The designs have been changing by time but we will never be too old for the standing lamp with lamp cap and yellow lights. Giving the warmth to the room and add more vintage look to the room.

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One of the most important in picking up which desk lamp you need is to see the activity that you normally do around the area. There is no point of using big LED lamp if you turn out never really work in that room or just for light reading, neither to put small tiny lights when you spend most of your time in that room. Suit your needs and combine with the style of the room and decoration, last you can pick your unique table lamps easily.

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